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Two Vietnamese men involved in the production of cannabis across the United Kingdom were jailed last Friday. Huy Hoang Phan, 36, and Nam Van Hoang, 39, were sentenced to three and a half years and one year respectively on March 1 for the distribution and farming of cannabis, VN Express reported.

According to local police, Phan was the mastermind of the operation that involved a number of cannabis farms across the UK. He had recruited Vietnamese workers to grow the drug and distribute it.

He was caught when he was setting up a farm in Gainsborough Grove in Fenham. Hoang was also nabbed at the scene, where 80 plants with an estimated value of 40,000 pounds (US$52,000) were found.

Police had been tracking Phan and investigating his operation for months. During six months of investigations throughout the country, four of his associates were arrested and tried for the production and possession of cannabis.

Phan pleaded guilty to running the operation and was sentenced to three and a half years in prison. Hoang was given a one-year jail term after confessing to producing cannabis.

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