Kawaguchi, Japan. Photo: iStock.

A Vietnamese man in Japan was arrested last week after he allegedly stabbed a compatriot.

Nguyen Do Nhat allegedly slashed an unidentified 19-year-old Vietnamese man on March 21 in Namiki, Kawaguchi City, VN Express reported. A witness called emergency services, describing the incident as “a foreign man bleeding and screaming about a burglar.”

The victim was taken to hospital, where he is reportedly in stable condition.

Nguyen later went to a police station in the Suginami area in Tokyo to report lost property, where he was arrested.

Police officers say he has denied any involvement in a stabbing. Authorities are currently conducting an investigation.

According to the National Police Agency of Japan, about 260,000 non-permanent Vietnamese were recorded in 2017—overtaking Brazil to become the fourth largest minority group in the country.

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