The Vietnamese driver died and 7 Korean tourists were seriously injured in the crash. Photo: Youtube.

A bus accident in Vietnam has killed a Vietnamese tour bus driver and injured seven tourists from South Korea.

At around 1pm on March 9, the bus that the victims were on was driving downhill towards the coastal town of Phan Thiet in the Binh Thuan province, VN Express reported. The driver reportedly lost control of the bus, which led to the vehicle plunging six meters to the ground.

According to the authorities, seven South Korean passengers, including a child, suffered serious injuries and were rushed to hospital. The Vietnamese driver, who also acted as the tour guide for the group, died at the hospital.

The police have launched an investigation regarding the accident.

In Vietnam, one person is killed almost every hour in road accidents. In 2018, more than 18,720 accidents were reported, in which 8,244 people were killed and almost 14,800 injured.

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