CCTV footage shows the woman (right) trying to strangle the bus driver. Photo: YouTube

A woman on a bus in China was seen in a video choking the driver with her scarf last month after the driver reportedly told her to stop smoking on his bus.

On January 29 at about 6 pm, the driver of a public bus in Tongchuan, Shaanxi, told a female passenger she could not smoke on the bus. The woman, whose surname was Zhao and was reportedly in her 50s, became furious and started yelling back at the driver.

The driver then asked the woman to get off the bus, warning her that smoking was not allowed on a gas-powered vehicle. As the altercation continued, the woman – who can be seen standing behind the driver in CCTV footage – took off her scarf and tried to strangle the driver. Other passengers on the bus stepped in and pulled the woman back.

Traffic on the road came to a standstill and police were sent to the scene. Five vehicles were waiting behind the bus.

Zhao was taken away by police immediately. She confessed to her misdemeanor and was detained by authorities for 15 days.

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