Huawei Research and Development Centre in Bangalore, India. Photo: AFP
The Huawei Research and Development Center in Bangalore, India. Photo: AFP

While the Indian government is yet to decide on Chinese telecom giant Huawei’s participation in forthcoming 5G trials, the latter has now accused the US of trying to lobby against Huawei in India.

The 5G trials are expected to commence in India soon and various ministries under the Indian government are holding consultations regarding the security aspect in allowing Chinese firms to take part in the trials. The government is aiming to roll out 5G services in the country by 2020.

Huawei has been facing global scrutiny after the US raised security concerns over its 5G equipment, given the company’s perceived proximity to the Chinese government.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reportedly cautioned allies last month that his country will not partner with them if they deploy Huawei equipment. While countries such as Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia have complied, Germany and others have not.

Officials at the company said they were having detailed dialogues with Indian mobile-phone-service providers and claimed that so far they have not received any concerns from the Indian government, Economic Times reports.

Huawei has already conducted its 5G network trial under a test setup at Indian telecom company Bharti Airtel’s network experience center in Gurgaon, near New Delhi.

The Indian government wants to finalize a roadmap for 5G services by June and conduct auctions by the second half of this year. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has recommended an auction of about 8,644 MHz of telecom frequencies at an estimated base price of 4.9 trillion rupees (US$69.18 billion).

However, the Indian telecom industry has urged the government to go slow on 5G spectrum auction as it is reeling under debt of more than 7 trillion rupees ($98.84 billion), mainly due to cut-throat competition triggered by the entry of Reliance Jio Infocomm.

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