Ivory is heavily used in decorative items in Asia. Photo: YouTube

Two Vietnamese nationals have been sentenced to jail in Malaysia after they were found guilty of possessing the body parts of protected animals.

According to the animal conservation website TRAFFIC, Tran Van Sang was given a 19-year jail term by the Kuala Kangsar Sessions Court, VN Express reported. Tran was arrested in August 2017 in the town of Sungai Siput after he was found with 273 body parts of tigers, leopards, bears and deer.

Ho Van Kien, 40, was given a jail term of six years as well as a fine of US$100,000 on six charges of the illegal possession of tiger, leopard and bear parts. Kien was arrested in July 2018 in Kuala Lupis with five compatriots who were later discharged by the court.

TRAFFIC pointed out that at least 15 Vietnamese nationals had been arrested from 2016 to 2018 for crimes related to the poaching of tigers in Malaysia.

Vietnam has been prominent in wildlife trafficking. Wildlife products such as tiger bones, pangolin scales and bear bile are coveted for medicinal or decorative purposes in the Southeast Asian country.

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