A Shingleback lizard. Photo: iStock.

Authorities in Australia are on the lookout for three women who allegedly tried to post a lizard from Australia to Hong Kong in August of last year.

On March 5, police in Australia released a photo of the three women that was taken on the afternoon of August 31, 2018, Daily Mail reported. According to the police, the three entered a post office on William Street in Melbourne and tried to post the Shingleback lizard to Hong Kong.

The three women who allegedly tried to post the lizard. Photo: Youtube.

The three women are described as of Asian descent, presumed to be in their 20s with black hair. The Department of the Environment hopes that the photo will motivate people to come forward with information regarding the women.

In the past three months, more than 110 reptiles were saved from being exported illegally, with a majority of them being Shingleback lizards. Shinglebacks are known for their bumpy skin and their docile nature. They can adapt to the driest conditions and do not need frequent hydration.

In Australia, wildlife smugglers are liable to a maximum penalty of 10 years’ imprisonment and a fine of AUD$210,000 (US$148,403.)

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