A Tesla Model 3 electric on display at the China Auto Show 2018. Photo: AFP

Tesla has been forced to delay the delivery of 1,600 units of Model 3 cars to Chinese consumers, as it has failed to get customs clearance on time, the National Business Daily reported.

Chinese customs authorities have found missing nameplates and incorrect tagging, among other technical issues on the Tesla Model 3 cars, and therefore halted the custom clearance process for further review, it said.

An unidentified Tesla spokesperson told the newspaper that it has been actively cooperating with relevant authorities and hope to solve the issues soon. The spokesperson also noted that the incident will not affect sales of the Tesla Model 3 in China.

Three cargo ships carrying Model 3 cars arrived at the Tianjin port in northern China in early February, as Tesla decided to bring forward the delivery date to February, following a temporary tariff reduction of 15% for imported US cars.

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