Runaway horse in Tuen Mun, the New Territories Photos: YouTube

Drivers and pedestrians in Tuen Mun in Hong Kong’s New Territories had to share the road with a runaway horse on Friday morning.

At 9:05am, a brown horse was seen running freely through morning commuter traffic on Wu Chui Road in Tuen Mun, Apple Daily reported.

According to videos and photos posted on social media, the horse trotted along the road for about 300 meters at a steady pace, seemingly paying no attention to traffic or pedestrians.

The horse, which reportedly belonged to Tuen Mun Public Riding School, had bolted from the school premises earlier on Friday morning.

When it came to a halt in Butterfly Estate,  riding school staff members arrived, and it was soon safely returned to the riding school. No one was hurt. One witness in a taxi, surnamed Ng, saw the horse running through traffic. He said he was amazed but also afraid that the horse would be hit by passing cars.

Another witness surnamed Chan who has lived in Tuen Mun for many years, said that he often saw cows wandering around, but this was the first time he had seen a horse on the road.

Tuen Mun Public Riding School is the largest public riding school managed by The Hong Kong Jockey Club. Facilities in the school include an office, lecture rooms, a horse paddock and two pony paddocks, as well as a stable which can accommodate 78 horses and ponies.

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