Serdang District Police Headquarters. Photo: Supplied

Six women described as “guest relations officers” were arrested by Malaysia’s anti-vice officers at an unlicensed entertainment center in Selangor during a raid in the early hours of Thursday.

At 1:50 am on March 7, officers from Selangor’s Anti-Vice, Gaming and Secret Societies Division stormed a premises on Jalan Layang-Layang, Bandar Baru Puchong. They arrested five women from Vietnam and one Indonesian woman for allegedly abusing their social visit passes by working illegally at the center in jobs described as “guest relations officers”, the China Press reported.

The women, aged from 21 to 26, had only arrived in the country early this month. They had to accompany customers who came to sing karaoke at the entertainment center. Ten men – seven Bangladeshis, a Pakistani, a Rohingya and a Chinese guard – who were reportedly employees of the unlicensed club were also arrested.

During the raid, officers found nine bottles of ecstasy-laced beverages as well as nine packets of powder believed to be ecstasy or some other illicit substance. A total of 2,629 ringgit in cash was also seized as evidence. All those detained were taken to the Serdang District Police Headquarters for further investigation.

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