The man lifts up the big lizard on the road in Singapore. Photo: Facebook.

A man in Singapore was seen moving a large monitor lizard from the middle of the road with his own bare hands.

The video was shared on the Facebook group page All Singapore Stuff on March 27 and has raked in at least 17,000 views.

The man can be seen grabbing the lizard by its tail while other pedestrians helped stop the movement of vehicles.

He then placed the lizard on the sidewalk of the road.

Reena Syai Safiy Sufi, the netizen who uploaded the video onto the page, said the man was brave for saving the lizard from harm and drivers from accidents. It is believed that the video was taken near Austville Residences on Sengkang East Avenue.

But some citizens commented that the lizard was motionless, and looked to be dead.

However, others noted that monitor lizards are known to stay very still to conserve their energy, especially during seasons when food is limited.

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