The women were applauded for not creating noise. Photo: YouTube

Dancing women in Chongqing, China, were praised for their ingenuity after they were seen wearing earbuds instead of blasting music on speakers.

A video uploaded onto Chinese social media platform Pear Video shows the women dancing in unison and in silence. Dancing women in China are often criticized for the loud music they play during their public sessions. This group in the Guanyinqiao Residential District were praised after they were seen wearing Bluetooth earbuds while dancing in the morning.

The leader of the group said they chose to use earbuds because they did not wish to disturb commuters and residents in the area. They said it also helps them focus on their dance moves as well. People on social media applauded the move and demanded that “dancing aunties” throughout the country follow suit.

Some “Dancing aunties” have had serious altercations. In one case in March 2018, a man in Guangxi was enraged after the women ignored his request to turn down the music and shot a woman with his air rifle.

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