Bali, Indonesia. Photo: iStock.

Police in Indonesia shot a Russian man dead after a violent robbery at a currency exchange office in Bali.

On March 19, three armed men reportedly broke into the establishment and knocked out the employees. Meanwhile police received calls about a robbery and sent officers in response, The Jakarta Post reported.

When the employees regained consciousness, they found that they were tied up, with their mouths taped.

According to local police chief Ruddi Setiawan, the situation when the police arrived on the scene was tense, and an unarmed officer got into a scuffle with one of the alleged robbers. Another officer then opened fire, killing the man.

The deceased suspect was confirmed by the Russian embassy to be 45-year-old Alexei Korotkikh, a Russian citizen.

Two accomplices, a Russian and a Ukrainian, were also arrested. The police added that four other suspects who are linked to the incident remain at large. The Russian embassy said the gang was also linked to another robbery that took place in December 2018.

About US$70,000 in cash was reportedly stolen in the latest incident.

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