Depok, Indonesia. Photo: iStock.

A 21-year-old Indonesian man was beaten and robbed after being lured to house in Depok in West Java on Sunday by a woman on Facebook.

The man, named Yogi, was lured to the home of Barbie Arlifsyani Botan, also 21, who told him she was a widow. The two agreed to meet at her residence, but trouble erupted shortly after he arrived at the home, The Jakarta Post reported.

According to Depok Police crime unit head Deddy Kurniawan, Yogi went to the house with a friend named Zakharia, 23. When they arrived, Barbie’s husband Hartono pulled Yogi off his motorcycle and dragged him into the house for questioning.

Yogi was berated and was accused of having an affair with the man’s wife.

Riki and Aris, two of Yogi’s friends, arrived to help Yogi but Hartono soon called for reinforcements.

Police officer Kurniawan said that Yogi and his friends were beaten and had their phones taken from them. Yogi’s motorcycle was also taken by the group. Hartono and his underlings allegedly demanded that the visitors pay some 4 million rupiah (US$281) to get their belongings back.

Yogi was held at the house for hours before he was set free to get the money. However, he chose to inform police about the case instead.

Hartono and his friends were arrested and were hit with criminal charges relating violent robbery, extortion and assault.

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