A screenshot from the traffic cam. Photo: Youtube.

Police in China are on the lookout for a man after he unlawfully crossed a road, got stuck on a temporary traffic control barrier and disrupted traffic when the barrier fell over.

On February 23, the police department in Zhuhai received a call about a street being disrupted by a line of collapsed guardrails on Yuehua Road.

When the police arrived, they found about 30 meters of linked guardrails lying on the ground, with one lane of vehicles forced to crawl to pass through the narrow space created by the fallen rails. Officers examined CCTV footage from a nearby traffic camera and saw a man trying to cross the road by climbing over the lane divider guardrails.

However, while he was still on top of the barrier, it toppled to the ground, taking the man with it. After this, a long section of the barrier can be seen falling like dominoes.

The man, who has yet to be identified, got up and tried for a moment to put the rails back in place but quickly realized this was impossible. He gave up and left the scene quietly after looking around to see if anyone was watching.

No vehicles were damaged as the road was not busy when the incident happened, and traffic on the road was only disrupted for a short while. Zhuhai traffic police, however, do not see the funny side of the unknown man’s misadventure, and have placed him on a wanted list.

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