The horned pit viper that was found in Majeed's luggage. Photo: YouTube.

A man was arrested at an airport in India after several animals including a horned pit viper were found in his luggage.

Mohammad Abdul Majeed, 22, was arrested at Chennai Airport on March 25 after airport officials searched his luggage, The Hindu reported. Nine plastic containers, chocolates, gift items and clothing were initially found when a search was conducted.

When the containers were opened, a horned pit viper, two rhinoceros iguanas, three rock iguanas, 22 Egyptian tortoises, four blue-tongued skinks and three green tree-frogs were found.

After being questioned by the authorities, Majeed — a student who had just returned from Bangkok — said he was going to hand over the contraband to a person waiting for him outside the airport.

The officials waited along with him but no one showed up.

Experts from the Arignar Anna Zoological Park in Chennai examined the animals and deemed them fit to be sent back to Bangkok. Authorities are continuing with their investigations.

The horned pit viper is a venomous snake that is native to Africa. According to a press release, there is no antidote for its venom in India as of now.

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