A photograph taken by the camera trap. Photo: YouTube

Forest officers in India captured a photograph of a leopard taken by a camera trap after it had attacked two cows last week.

The leopard had been causing panic among villagers who live in settlements near four reserve forests about 50 kilometers away from the city of Hyderabad, Telangana, Deccan Chronicle reported.

Two calves were attacked by the leopard on March 22 – one attack was near the Mudwin reserve forest and the other near the Kadthal reserve forest. Locals suggested there may be more than one leopard involved.

Initially, the leopard ate a small portion of calf flesh on Friday night, leaving leftovers at the scene. It returned on March 23 to the same spot to feed on its prey – which was when two camera traps captured the big cat in action.

Local forest officers have sent the information to be examined. Traces of a female leopard were found earlier this month. The marks left behind in the two calves will be cross-checked to see if there is more than one leopard in the area.

Two more trap cages have been ordered by the forest department to supplement the previous three traps to capture the leopard. It was believed that this was the eighth time a leopard had attacked.

YouTube video

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