JD.com defended its request for information from staff by claiming it can help build a transparent and fair working environment. Handout.

Some employees of Chinese online retailing giant JD.com have recently complained to the media for the alleged over-collection of personal information.

The company has required some staff to submit information about their relatives and schoolmates who also work for JD.com. Even third-degree relatives and classmates from primary school are required to be reported, the Voice of China reported.

While some staffers expressed their concern about personal privacy, JD.com continued to insist it was just normal management operation to improve efficiency.

“It can help build a transparent and fair working environment,” an unnamed JD.com spokesperson claimed, adding that the requirement is only for some staff in management roles.

Although companies have the right to know certain information about staff, it is not clearly defined what is “necessary information,” Labour Law experts said.

Above all, companies should not be allowed to over collect information from workers that is indirect to their employment, also, workers have the right to refuse unreasonable requests.

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