Henry the toy poodle. Photo: YouTube.

A woman from Northern Ireland paid 600 pounds (US$788) to prevent a partly-paralyzed dog from being slain in meat markets in China and flown to a happy new life in her country.

Retired civil servant Sharon Warnock found Henry at a government shelter in Shanghai, where she saw the dog in dire conditions, Armaghi reported. The dog had been bitten through the spine by a larger dog and had open wounds. It was not even able to go to the toilet.

Warnock said the dog was “rotting from the inside out and was left to die.”  The dog was seen by a volunteer in contact with the Harbin Slaughterhouse Survivors, who agreed to bring it over to their clinic.

Warnock then saw the dog on the group’s Facebook page and decided to adopt it.

The dog showed spirit despite being found in very bad conditions and eventually recovered well enough to leave China.

Warnock said Henry – or “Wee Wheels” as she sometimes calls him – is now living a good life in Northern Ireland with the help of his own “wheelchair”, which he needs because of his inability to use his hind legs.

Warnock is now trying to help other dogs from being killed in the meat trade by pledging donations. She said that a number of dogs are tortured while they are still alive in order to tenderize their meat before being eaten.

A GoFundMe page has been set up that will send money to the Harbin Slaughterhouse Survivors, a group run by three teachers in China who continue to help save dogs from being slaughtered in meat markets.

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