The beggar getting into his vehicle. Photo: Tribun Bogor/Twitter @wow_keren

A beggar in Indonesia who was photographed getting in his car and driving away to escape a crackdown by officials has been blasted on social media.

Herry Karnadi, the head of the Bogor Public Order Agency (Satol PP), said the beggar was often seen asking for money near the Lotte Mart in Tanah Sareal district in Bogor, West Java, The Jakarta Post reported.

Karnadi confirmed the beggar did own the car captured in the photo. The man was photographed opening the door of his car on March 18, while Stapol PP was conducting an operation to take down unauthorized campaign banners in the area. Fearing arrest, beggars in the area started to flee.

The man with the car also fled. He was spotted heading to a car park where he escaped in his green van. People online blasted the man for begging, despite having enough money to buy a car. He was spotted begging at his usual spot in the Tanah Sareal area a few days later.

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