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A video that has gone viral on social media shows a Hong Kong woman slapping her daughter across the face in a restaurant due to issues with the girl’s homework.

The video uploaded to Facebook on Saturday shows the girl and her mother sitting opposite in a restaurant with the mother checking the girl’s homework and examination papers.

According to the video and the person who uploaded it, the mother looked unhappy and angry about the girl’s performance. She suddenly gave her daughter a slap, saying: “You only got 60 marks [in the examination] in primary school.”

The girl was frightened but she did not dodge and continued her homework. The mother kept checking the worksheets and seemed upset, as she hit her daughter’s head hard a second time.

The video showed the girl carrying a black helmet with her and she wore it when she left the restaurant.

Many people who saw the clip responded furiously about the way the girl was treated, lashing out at the mother and saying she should not hit the girl. Others said her aggressive attitude and abuse could affect the girl’s confidence.

Some parents advised the woman to keep calm and be patient when teaching children. One person who saw the clip said whoever took the video should report the case to the police.

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