Central on Hong Kong Island where the dispute happened. Photo: Google Maps

Police were called after disputes broke out between South Asian hawkers and public hygiene officers in Central on Hong Kong Island on Wednesday.

According to a video on social media, several South Asian hawkers were selling fake designer handbags under the footbridge near World-Wide House on Connaught Road Central, Apple Daily reported.

Eight officers from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department arrived and planned to confiscate the goods. Three South Asian men resisted and confronted the officers. They snatched the goods back and threw them on the road for their colleaugues to pick up and left.

The video also showed the men chiding the officers, provoking them and even throwing a trolley at the officers. Passers-by reported the case to police, but when officers arrived, the group had already left the scene. No one was hurt.

It was understood that before the dispute happened, the hawkers were driven away by MTR staff as they sold the handbags inside the MTR Central Station, which was prohibited, news website HK01.com reported.

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