Two-year-old Hai-Hai is battling leukemia. Photo: YouTube

A woman in China kept the news of her cancer from her family in order to look after her two-year-old grandson, who is suffering from leukemia.

In January, Hai-Hai’s parents saw a red spot on his face and took him from their home in Genhe, Inner Mongolia, to a hospital in Beijing after he was diagnosed with the deadly disease leukemia by a local doctor, Baidu reported.

The treatment was said to cost one million Yuan (US$148,939.)

The boy’s 67-year-old grandmother started to notice strange changes in her own body as she cared for little Hai-Hai. A tumor was found in the woman’s mammary gland. However, to save money for the boy’s treatment, she kept it from her family.

Her daughter-in-law found out about the tumor when she noticed the grandmother could not sleep due to excruciating pain. She was taken to hospital for a check-up, where the 67-year-old broke down in tears and told her daughter-in-law that she had lived enough compared to her grandson.

The heartbreaking story has since gone viral on Chinese social media after the boy’s mother started posting videos of the adorable boy’s daily life on the internet. People were touched by their predicament and have been sending their prayers through the net. Some helped the family raise funds for treatment as well.

YouTube video
YouTube video

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