San Jose, Occidental Mindoro in the Philippines. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Two Filipino fishermen who jumped off their ship to escape abuse were rescued by the Vietnamese Navy in the West Philippine Sea last month.

Conrigal Mandarcos, 30, and Reynante Mandarcos, 34, from San Jose, Occidental Mindoro in the Philippines, were allegedly maltreated by crew on their fishing vessel. The two Filipinos said they jumped into the sea to escape the abuse and swam to the nearest island, GMA News reported.

On February 8, the Vietnamese Navy stationed in Son Ca Island (Sand Cay) spotted the two fishermen and rescued them. The navy transported them to Parola Island on February 18.

The two were turned over to the Philippine Navy and underwent medical examinations and assessments. Results showed that the two Filipinos were in good physical condition. On Monday, navy personnel escorted the two men to their home in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. No other details were given on the fishing vessel and where the Filipinos were headed.

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