Macau. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Old Portuguese ruins in Macau. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Judiciary police in Macau have busted a bogus employment agency and arrested 32 people allegedly involved in creating or supplying fake employment contracts. The 22 men and 10 women were aged between 22 and 84.

Most (30) were local people, while two Vietnamese were arrested on February 22, the Macau Daily News reported.

The syndicate came to light after the judiciary police discovered the two Vietnamese had overstayed in Macau with a fake employment contract.

Further investigation revealed that five Macau men formed the fake employment agency and lured some old people in parks to be “employers” who applied for a domestic worker. The “employer” would get 2,000 to 9,000 Macau patacas (US$246 to $1,110) for each case.

Four of the five masterminds were said to be fake employers as well.

The five masterminds also found foreign workers who wanted to stay in Macau while registered as “domestic workers”.

Each worker needed to pay 35,000 Macau patacas (about $4,330) as a fee to the syndicate.

The judiciary police believed that the fake employment company had been in operation for two years.

Officers believed at least 20 more workers were involved, mainly women from Vietnam, Nepal and mainland China.

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