The Salemba Penitentiary in Jakarta, Indonesia. Photo: Google Maps.

Authorities in Indonesia have uncovered a drugs network that was being controlled from inside a penitentiary in Central Jakarta.

The police began their crackdown when a suspect identified as YS, 24, was arrested on March 5, The Jakarta Post reported. YS told the authorities that another suspect, NR, had given him the drugs. NR was arrested the next day at a hotel in Sawah Besar sub-district and a brown envelope containing crystal meth was seized.

Preliminary investigations indicated that YS was a dealer and NR a courier. Police also seized 83.76 grams of crystal meth, 50 ecstasy pills and 50 happy five pills.

Local police chief Iver Son Manossoh said that they learned from questioning the two suspects that NR received the drugs from a person identified as ADL, who is incarcerated at the Salemba Penitentiary.

ADL is currently being questioned by the authorities. YS and NR will be charged under Article 114 of the 2009 Narcotics Law. If found guilty, the two could receive a maximum penalty of 20 years in jail and a fine of 10 billion Rupiahs (US$704,320.)

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