The daring cop who took the internet by storm. Photo: YouTube

A male police officer in Guangdong donned a wig, makeup and women’s clothing to make a video warning of the dangers of catfishing, and did such a good job that female viewers are asking him for beauty tips. So far the video has notched up six million views online.

The video shows the officer being transformed into an attractive young “woman” and posing on camera at Shunde district in Foshan before being  arrested and handcuffed by a second policeman who warns of the dangers of the online scam. Catfishing is the practise of using a fake identity to entrap someone on a social network, usually a dating website.

Online viewers reacted positively to the video, with one saying the cop was so beautiful it made her jealous.

Catfishing scams are a big problem in China, and the victims are not always women. There have been cases of men swindling gullible bachelors out of  their money, with some even managing to keep up the deception after they marry their victim.

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