Barangay Amsic in Angeles City, Pampanga, the Philippines. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino man suspected of chopping up his live-in partner was shot dead by police in Angeles City, Pampanga, in the Philippines on Monday.

Angeles City Chief Superintendent Narwin Mangune identified the dead man as Eduardo Pasio and the victim as Lindsey Avelino. On Monday evening in Barangay Amsic, Avelino’s body was found inside a washing machine, but some body parts were missing, Philippine Daily Inquirer reported.

The missing body parts were later found inside a suitcase. Mangune said the killing could have been committed at dawn or early morning that day. Police believe Pasion killed Avelino because of jealousy as he suspected Avelino was having an affair with another man.

Neighbors in the area said they saw Pasion hurriedly leaving their home and acting suspiciously. Pasion admitted to his employer that he committed the crime and his employer reported the matter to the police.

Mangune said Pasion was killed when he resisted arrest and engaged in a shootout with police. Police said Pasion had been previously jailed for physical injury charges filed by the victim, but was later out on bail.

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