Thousands of pigs and boars have been put down due to the fever. Photo: iStock.

Authorities in China have issued a ban on the import of pigs, boars and other porcine products from Vietnam, in an attempt to curb the spread of African swine fever.

The ban is was presented as a method to curb the spread in China after the country battled its own outbreak of African swine fever, with at least 111 confirmed cases reported across 28 regions and provinces, Reuters reported.

In addition, without a proper agreement between China and Vietnam regarding the importation of porcine products, China has banned pig products from Vietnam. This, they claim, is in the national agriculture industry’s interests as well as to stop the spread of the already-rampant African swine fever.

From February 1 to March 3, the deadly strain was found in seven cities and provinces in Vietnam, including the Vietnamese capital Hanoi. Medical professionals have stated the strain affects only pigs and does not affect human beings.

The first cases in China were reported in August 2018 and the virus has been on the rampage ever since. As of now, Hainan, Tibet and Xinjiang remain the only regions that have not been affected by the fever.

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