The bus driver is seen calling the police as Chen attacks him. Photo: Youtube.

A woman in China was caught attacking a bus driver on CCTV footage after he reportedly berated her for letting her son urinate on his bus.

On March 2, the woman, surnamed Chen, attacked the driver of a bus while it was moving in Daye, Hubei province. The driver immediately stopped the bus and called the police.

Police launched an investigation and were able to track down Chen. She explained that her two-year-old son urgently needed to urinate while they were on the bus. However, as there were no stops nearby and her son was desperate, she picked up her son and helped him urinate onto rubbish on the floor of the bus. She stood by her decision and said that other passengers were not harmed by it.

However, when the bus driver saw what was happening on his bus, he berated her and called her “uncivilized”, which sent Chen into a frenzy. Chen told the authorities that she attacked the driver on impulse.

Chen is currently being detained under charges related to endangering public safety.

Since late 2018, a series of attacks against bus drivers have been a key topic for discussion in China, especially after a bus in Chongqing plunged into the Yangtze River and killed all passengers on board after a passenger attacked the driver in a fit of rage.

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