Cannabis buds (inset). Photos: iStock, HK Police Force

Hong Kong’s Customs and Excise Department has revealed that a total of 92 kilograms of cannabis packages were seized in the five months from October last year, more than the total amount seized in the past three years, Sing Tao Daily reported. The legalization of marijuana in Canada has likely contributed to the steep rise, with 73 kilograms confiscated in the first two months this year alone.

The Sing Tao report disclosed that one of its reporters had contacted a local drug dealer who claimed he had cannabis and cannabis products from Canada.

The dealer quoted a price of HK$900 (US$114) for six grams of strawberry-flavored cannabis buds, according to instant messages exchanged with the reporter.

The dealer also said the illegal drugs could be collected in person in Kowloon’s Tsim Sha Tsui district.

Meanwhile, the report highlighted how people could also order cannabis buds, cannabis candies or cookies from overseas online shops.

An online shop in Vermont, the United States replied to a purchase request made by the reporter, saying they could mail the ordered products to Hong Kong.

A spokesperson from the customs department said it has worked hard to combat drug trafficking activities and will continue to coordinate with overseas counterparts to exchange intelligence. Customs clearance on inbound and outbound passengers, cargos, postal articles and their conveyance tools will be carried out with the assistance of detector dogs and high-tech equipment in use at various control points.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong police say a total of 264 cases related to cannabis trafficking were recorded and 312 people arrested in 2018. Both figures are the highest in five years.

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