Police station in Rahang, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Photo: Google Maps

A burglar allegedly broke into a semi-detached house in Seremban, Malaysia on Sunday night, tied up an Indonesian domestic worker and robbed her of cash totaling 4,000 ringgit (US$980).

On March 17,  the domestic worker was alone at the house in Taman Seremban in Rahang while her employer and his family were visiting Kuala Lumpur, the China Press reported.

The evening break-in lasted about 40 minutes until the burglar fled when the family returned home. The man was reportedly slim enough to squeeze into the employer’s daughter’s room after removing a bar from a window security frame.

The burglar then grabbed a chopper from the kitchen and used it to threaten the worker, telling her not to struggle. He then tied her hands and feet and put a pillowcase over her head.

The attacker, who was disturbed by the sound of the family returning home, fled with 4,000 ringgit in cash and foreign currencies, 1,100 ringgit of which was three months’ wages belonging to the domestic worker.

The employer reportedly said it was lucky that the suspect only had time to search the worker’s and his two daughters’ bedrooms, instead of all six rooms in the house.

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