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A six-year-old boy in China needed firefighters to remove him from the toilet seat at home after he sat there playing on his mobile phone for too long.

On March 1, the boy living in the Jiangshan district in the city of Wuhan, Hubei was playing on his phone while sitting on the toilet when he tried to get up and found he was unable to do so.

After his family tried to get him off the seat without success, they called the local emergency services for help.

Five minutes after the call, firefighters got to the scene where, due to there being so little space in the bathroom, the toilet seat had to be detached from the toilet and the boy was taken with it into the living room.

Firefighters then slowly broke the seat apart by using pliers and cutters. They distracted the boy by talking to him as they worked to set him free.

The hour-long operation finally ended at midnight.

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