The Ancol area in North Jakarta, where the trucks were hijacked. Photo: Google Maps

Police in Indonesia have recovered two fuel tanks belonging to a state-owned energy company that were stolen by thieves who said they planned to drive to the presidential palace. 

PT Pertamina said that the tankers were delivering biodiesel to a gas station in Tangerang, Banten, when they were stopped by 10 men at the Ancol toll gate, The Jakarta Post reported. 

“The drivers were threatened and forced to exit the trucks. The hijackers took over the fuel trucks and told the drivers that they were heading to the presidential palace,” said company spokesperson Ayulia. Jakarta is about one hour to the east of Banten.

One of the drivers alerted police and the tankers were intercepted shortly afterward. Ayulia said that GPS trackers in the vehicles confirmed they were traveling toward the National Monument.

It is unclear why the tankers were hijacked, or why they were traveling to the presidential palace.

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