A Japanese boar. Photo: iStock.

A 92-year-old man in Japan fought a wild boar – and ended up killing the pig – after it attacked him in a field on the weekend.

Hisao Kaito was in his field on March 24 when he encountered the boar, WPXI reported. The boar first bit the old man on his legs but that proved to be a fatal mistake, as Kaito struck the boar with a hoe, killing it.

Kaito told his wife that he had to use the hoe as his cane broke. The man was taken to a hospital but is in a stable condition.

In a previous case in November last year, a man was attacked by a wild boar in Fukuoka when he was on his way to a train station. The boar was eventually shooed away by drivers when they honked loudly to scare it away.

Boars are widely seen as a reckless and fearsome animal in Japan. They have distinctive white whiskers, which distinguishes it from other wild pigs.

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