A Transjakarta bus. Photo: iStock

Passengers of a bus in Jakarta came together to support a woman who went into labor on board while traveling in the Indonesian capital on Saturday.

At around 2pm on February 2, Hervina Sianipar gave birth to a baby boy on a Transjakarta bus, The Jakarta Post reported.

Daud Joseph, the operational director of PT Transjakarta, said the woman gave birth to her third child when the bus was in the Cakung subdistrict of Jakarta. A bus attendant assisted the woman during the childbirth.

He said that other passengers did not mind when the bus had to be stopped for the woman. The attendant promptly looked for a midwife to cut the baby’s umbilical cord after the delivery.

A Transjakarta car rushed Sianipar to a nearby clinic after. The mother and child were both stable and at a clinic resting and recovering.

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