The python was entangled in the fishing net. Photo: YouTube

A fisherman in Thailand trying his luck in a pond last month landed the big one that didn’t get away when he pulled in his net and discovered he’d caught a four-meter python.

Chalerm Nookaew, 34, was fishing in a pond in Chachoengsao province when he noticed something strange in his net, The Maritime Herald reported. Instead of a fish, he found a four-meter python. The fisherman immediately called local emergency services, who sent a rescue team to subdue the fisherman’s big catch.

After several attempts, the python was captured, put in a rice sack and later set free back in the wild a few kilometers from where it was found. Thailand is known to be home to three types of pythons. The reticulated python is considered to be the longest snake in the world. Some grow as long as six meters in length.

YouTube video

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