American superstar rapper Snoop Dogg. Photo: YouTube

Legendary rapper Snoop Dogg has been filmed singing some of the lyrics of a track by Son Tung M-TP, leading to speculation that he might do a collaboration with the Vietnamese star. In December they shared a Snapchat post that quickly went viral in Vietnam.

A video posted on the Instagram account @danrue shows Snoop Dogg dancing and hanging out with friends, when he suddenly sings a small part of Chay Ngay Di (Run Now), a hip-hop/rap song composed by Son Tung M-TP. The clip has racked up more than 500,000 views.

A video of Chay Ngay Di became the most-watched clip played on YouTube in a single day in Asia when it was released, notching up more than 22 million views. The previous record was held by K-pop boy group BTS, whose music video for the song DNA got about 21 million views.

In December a Snapchat post by Snoop Dogg showed him on set with Son Tung M-TP. The singer says: “Live on the set with Son Tung, you understand me?” Tung replies: “Exactly.” Then Snoop ends the video, saying: “It’s going down.”

The exchange was seen by fans of Tung as a hint of a possible collaboration, but there has been no confirmation by either artist.

YouTube video

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