Dubai in the UAE. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A security guard in Dubai who went to court to appeal for a reduction in a three-month jail term for the attempted rape of a Filipino domestic worker has instead had his prison sentence increased to three years.

The security guard, whose identity and nationality were not released, was found guilty of trying to rape and threatening to kill a Filipino woman in a residential building in Dubai, The Filipino Times reported.

According to the Filipina, she was returning home from a nearby supermarket when the guard helped open a gate for her. He then offered to help her carry her grocery bags but she refused.

However the guard insisted and followed her into the building. When they reached the fourth floor, the guard suddenly started hugging the victim and demanded that she go with him somewhere. He then attempted to remove the Filipina’s pants and threatened to kill her.

The victim managed to escape and ran to her apartment where she called the police. When he was arrested shortly after, the guard admitted his crimes to the police, but later denied the allegations during a hearing at the Dubai Court of First Instance.

Evidence showed that semen traces were found on the Filipina’s clothes which matched the guard’s DNA. The guard was sentenced to three months in jail and was ordered to be deported after serving his punishment.

However, when the accused appealed the sentence before the Dubai Appeals Court, the court decided to extend the jail term to three years followed by immediate deportation.

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