Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila, Philippines. Photo: Google Maps

The Philippine government will be providing reintegration assistance to Filipinos who are deported from Israel after being caught overstaying.

In a statement, the Department of Foreign Affairs said the issue was raised in a meeting between Leslie Baja, the Philippines’ foreign assistant secretary for Middle East and African Affairs, and Gilad Cohen, deputy director general at the Israeli foreign ministry.

“Assistant Secretary Baja requested Director General Cohen, in the spirit of friendly relations between the Philippines and Israel, to treat overstaying Filipinos who need to be repatriated in an orderly and (benign) manner, especially since children may be involved,” the DFA said.

Baja added that Filipino workers have a responsibility to observe the immigration laws of the host government.

The appeal was made after it was reported that dozens of Filipino migrant workers and their children have been arrested for overstaying and face deportation. The Population, Immigration and Border Authority in Israel said the Filipino nationals are set for deportation in July or August this year.

Some Filipino migrant workers have given birth while working in Israel as carers looking after the elderly and others with special needs. However, many of these Filipino children are illegal residents as Israeli law only grants citizenship to children born to Israeli citizens.

The DFA said the Philippine Embassy in Tel Aviv is coordinating with the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration for additional welfare and reintegration assistance.

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