Semarang, Central Java in Indonesia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Central Java in Indonesia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A couple in Indonesia were found dead in their home last Thursday and authorities suspect a murder-suicide.

Adek Hariyono, 47, allegedly committed suicide after killing his wife Muntamah, The Jakarta Post reported. The bodies were found at their home in Boyolali, Central Java, by Margono, the wife’s 50-year-old brother, on February 21 at about 10 am.

Margono ran out of the house shouting for help when he found Hariyono hanging in the living room. Neighbors were shocked when they also found the wife had died in the bedroom and immediately called the police.

A letter written by Hariyono was found at the scene, saying he hated divorce and a request to be buried at the Gate Public Cemetery. Police suspect Hariyono killed his wife by strangling her with a plastic strap. The motive is believed to be linked to issues in the family.

Local police were not looking to press charges as the suspected perpetrator was deceased. Evidence was found that Hariyono had killed Muntamah. Wounds on her neck matched the same strap Hariyono used to hang himself.

Margono said the couple had problems in their marriage. A neighbor said Muntamah had filed for divorce when their arguments became frequent and heated. The neighbor added that Hariyono would often come to his house and say that he did not want a divorce. The two victims leave behind two children, aged 8 and 3, who now live with their grandfather.

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