A leopard in India. Photo: iStock

A toddler was taken from his home by a leopard and mauled and killed in Gujarat, India, on Monday, prompting action from forest officers. About midnight on February 25, a leopard snuck into a farmer’s house in Gopalgam village in Amreli district and took a two-year-old boy, said Senior Forest Officer DT Vasavada, NDTV reported.

Vasavada said the big cat took the boy while he was sleeping and dashed towards the Gir forest in the district. The boy’s grandfather was working nearby and saw what happened and immediately called for help. The leopard, startled by the man’s screams, left the boy and fled.

The boy was dead by the time the leopard let go of him. Vasavada added that cages were being set in the area to trap the leopard and prevent any similar cases from happening.

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