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Indonesian police have embarked on an investigation after two toddlers were found dead in a fishpond in north Sumatra.

The two young children, Nazla Lubis, 3, and Ananda Riswan Lubis, 4, were found in the pond belonging to a neighbor in Simpang Gambir, Lingga Bayu in the Mandailing Natal regency at about 6:15pm on February 16, The Jakarta Post reported.

Dhamos Aritonang, the criminal investigation chief of the Mandailing Natal Police said the two children may have fallen into the pond while playing nearby. He added that the two were rushed to a clinic but could not be revived.

A number of witnesses were questioned about the deaths, including the owner of the fishpond.

A need for water safety programs for children has been a hot topic in Indonesia in the past few weeks. Last November, the 16-month-old grandson of a politician drowned in a fishpond at the family’s house in South Jakarta.

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