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Authorities in Indonesia have arrested a man who is alleged to have stolen a man’s identity via the popular messaging application WhatsApp, using a mobile phone he reportedly found on a street.

Police in Bekasi, West Java, arrested a man named Agus, who allegedly breached the WhatsApp account of another man named Febrianto, The Jakarta Post reported. Agus claimed to be Febrianto and texted his friends, asking them for loans.

Police officer Alin Kuncoro said the suspect claimed that one of his parents was sick and he needed money for medical treatment.

On December 16, 2018, Agus found the mobile phone and first texted Dwikun Mujab for money. He sent messages to him again the next day and requested 5.6 million rupiah (US$400), claiming his parent had died and he needed money for the funeral.

Then, on December 18, the victim was contacted again by Agus, who asked for 7.8 million rupiah  more to pay off debts. Mujab fell for the ruse and transferred the funds.

Mujab then asked his friend Bagas for assistance in helping Febrianto, who informed him that Febrianto’s parent was, in fact, healthy and in good condition. The victim realized he had been conned and filed a complaint with the police.

Last Saturday, Agus was arrested at his home . Mujab reportedly lost a total of 22.7 million rupiah through the fraud.

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