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Five people were killed and four injured in a chain collision involving 23 cars on an expressway in eastern China.

At around 5am on February 10, the last day of the Lunar New Year holidays, snow and rain caused the Yuewu Expressway in Anhui province to be treacherously slippery and led to a collision involving 23 vehicles, Sina News reported.

The aftermath of the accident was captured on a widely-shared video, which showed a considerable number of cars still stuck on the expressway. It is estimated that delays lasted several hours before traffic returned to normal. 

Four people died instantly at the scene when the collision threw their vehicle off the expressway bridge. Another passed away after medical personnel failed in their resuscitation attempts.

On the same day, another traffic accident took place in Lujiang County, Anhui. The accident left 200 people stranded before the traffic there was cleared at around 2pm on the same day.

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