The Center for Health Protection and (inset) mahogany seeds Photo: Google Maps, Facebook

The Center for Health Protection in Hong Kong has appealed to the public to be cautious of the potential risk of adverse effects on the liver arising from the consumption of mahogany seeds, commonly known as sky fruit seeds.

The health center said they are investigating 30 suspected cases of hepatotoxicity since 2014, including 15 men and 15 women aged between 45 and 84 after they had consumed sky fruit seeds or related products, according to a government release.

Among them, 24 consumed the raw seeds while the rest consumed related products in the form of capsules.

Seeds of sky fruit are traditionally used in Southeast Asian countries for treating conditions such as high blood sugar and high blood pressure.

Some patients developed symptoms including jaundice, tea-colored urine, abdominal pain/dyspepsia and dizziness/syncope lasting from a few days up to about a year after consumption.

Some patients remained asymptomatic but were found to have deranged liver function.

All patients examined are said to be in a stable condition. They have either recovered or are recovering after stopping taking the seeds.

Although there is currently no scientific data on the direct risk of liver injury related to the intake of sky fruit seeds or related products, the center urged the public to be aware of the potential risk of adverse effects.

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