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According to official data, the scale of Guangdong's AI core industries was about 26 billion yuan. Photo: iStock

China’s southern coastal Guangdong province is planning to reach a scale of 50 billion yuan in artificial intelligence core industries by 2020. This is expected to drive the development of AI-related industries to hit 300 billion yuan, The Paper said.

By 2025, the scale of AI core industries will exceed 150 billion yuan, pushing the scale of relevant industries to 1.8 trillion yuan.

While by 2030, Guangdong’s AI sector will potentially achieve major breakthroughs in the entire industrial chain and the overall innovation capability at the international advanced level, according to its development plan.

According to official data, the scale of Guangdong’s AI core industries was about 26 billion yuan, accounting for about one-third of the country, driving the scale of related industries such as robots and smart equipment to exceed 200 billion yuan.

Meanwhile, Guangdong has more than 300 AI enterprises. The financing scale of AI enterprises ranks second in the country and the average single financing amount exceeds US$10 million.

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