Riverside Street in Barangay Commonwealth, Quezon City in the Philippines. Photo: Google Maps

A Filipino man accused of trying to abduct children was arrested in Quezon City, just north of the Philippine capital Manila, on Monday afternoon.

On Tuesday, Quezon City police presented Norly Rafael, of Caloocan City, and said he was accused of “serenading” residents from outside their homes to find out if they had children he could lure away.

A viral social media post accused Rafael of abducting minors on Riverside Street in Barangay Commonwealth, Tempo reported.

The post by Khel Ramos claimed that Rafael went with a guitar and sang outside a house while the family was sleeping. One of Ramos’ relatives gave the man some money and he left. However, the man allegedly went back several hours later and seemed to be looking at children inside the house.

At 12.30pm on Monday, Rafael allegedly tried to kidnap a nine-year-old girl but the girl managed to escape. The girl’s mother went to the police and reported the incident.

The parents of four other victims came forward and told police that they recognized Rafael as the man in the viral photo. Rafael was caught by the police holding a guitar similar to the one in the photo on social media.

Rafael denied the allegations, saying he is just a construction worker. He said he serenades people in their homes in order to earn money to provide for his eight children. Rafael could face charges of kidnapping if the allegations are confirmed.

National Capital Region Police Office director Guillermo Eleazar noted that even with the discovery of Rafael, police had not received a single report of a child being abducted in Metro Manila.

He urged the public to coordinate with the police if they have children or relatives who have gone missing recently.

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