Abu Dhabi, UAE. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A Filipino migrant worker in the United Arab Emirates managed to get a free plane ticket home from an exchange company because her husband had died.

The migrant worker, identified only as Maria, said she had recently returned from a vacation in the Philippines when she was informed of her husband’s death. Maria said she couldn’t afford a plane ticket as she had used her savings during her vacation on expenses for her children, The Filipino Times reported.

“I went back home in September and returned to the UAE on October 2. My husband passed away due to an accident on October 20. I had no money and still didn’t have my salary since I just came back to work,” Maria explained.

Desperate to return home, Maria sought help from Sharaf Exchange’s Usrati Program, a customer loyalty program that offers benefits and support to members including free flights to travel to their home country in the event of a death or another emergency.

Maria was a member of the program, so managed to claim the benefit and was able to go home to the Philippines.

“I became a member because a compatriot at the counter offered me the membership and told me it only costs 10 dirhams. She said I’ll be insured and expenses will be reimbursed by the company,” she said.


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