The drunk man had surprisingly good balance while walking on the power cables. Photo: YoutTube

A man in China was filmed walking on high-voltage power lines after having too much to drink, causing firefighters to spend hours trying to get him to come down.

On February 20, the drunk man was seen walking on power lines that were about 10 meters above the ground in Quanzhou in the eastern province of Fujian, reported.

Pedestrians were shocked and firefighters were sent to the scene immediately.

The first thing firefighters did was to instruct the power company to cut the power so that the man would not be electrocuted. They then tried to talk to the man with a megaphone but were simply ignored by the man.

Firefighters then set up an inflatable raft under the power lines in case the man fell down. The standoff lasted about three hours until firefighters got up to the man’s level via a crane.

They guided him towards a pole where other firefighters were able to easily get hold of him. The drunk man was ultimately pushed safely onto the inflatable raft, ending the fiasco.

The man suffered no injuries and was taken to a police station soon afterwards.

YouTube video

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